A Flat Stanley Project...

Flat Stanley was written in 1964 by Jeff Brown.  The book is about a boy named Stanley Lambchop, who is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him, but does not let this stop his adventures.  He is mailed around the world, to friends and family, who then take him to new places and to see many new sights.  

In 1994, Dale Hubert, a 3rd grade teacher in London, Ontario, Canada started the Flat Stanley Project.  He encouraged other teachers to participate by hosting a "Flat" visitor in their classroom and have the students write a Flat Stanley journal.  When Jeff Brown heard of the project, he was thrilled with the idea because it brought his book back into the spotlight of young reader after 30 years, which led Jeff to write a sequel.  

The Flat Stanley Project can be used in almost every classroom and for all ages.  This project can be used in ALL content areas and there are limitless ideas on how it can be implemented in a classroom.  There are websites to help locate classes to partner up with to do a Flat Stanley Project, Flat Stanley worksheets and Flat Stanley ideas.  There is even a Flat Stanley APP for your iPhone!