How Flat Stanley Uses Literacy Arts

While interviewing people I had to listen and record their information.  My classmates will also need to listen while I share my project.  

Viewing: This could be the most necessary for this project.  I had to view how to get to various locations, make sure Flat Stanley was included in the picture, and I had to view and edit the pictures to make sure my viewer can see the pictures clearly.  While completing this project, I a lot of fun traveling along the Coastal Plains.   

Writing: While I was interviewing people, I had to record their responses.  I also had to write/type information to present where Flat Stanley has traveled.  Throughout this project, we communicated through email which involves writing. 

Speaking: I had to come up with questions to ask the person I wanted to interview, I also spoke to my co-pilot while traveling to the various locations.  

Reading: Because I could not interview everyone, I had to read some research about the locations.  I had to read the street names to get to my destinations.  The group also had to read the emails as we communicated with the other MATers.